Lifestyle changes


Healthy Choices!

One of the very first changes you can make towards recovery is taking good care of yourself, and one way to do this is by eating healthy! It is not always easy to eat healthy, especially if you are on a limited budget. Some small changes are incorporating more fruits, and vegetables into your meal planning, also try to limit caffeine, and alcohol from your diet. This is important because alcohol is contraindicated with psychotropic medications. Caffeine can interfere as well with mood, and sleep. Some small mindful changes in diet, can really help improve you overall health, and support your journey in recovery.
Healthy Eating and Depression
Nutrition Resources
Healthy choices for under two dollars



Find the Motivation

Another suggestion I have is attempting to incorporate some exercise into your schedule. I realize this can be challenging for some people, some of the medications that are prescribed can cause sedation, which can interference with motivation. It is important to talk with your provider about side of effects of medications, weight gain is associated with atypical anti-psychotics, and mood stabilizers. Anti-psychotics can also interfere with satiety (feeling full), and energy level. Try to start off simple with walking, set a goal for yourself, and build on that as you progress. Exercise is a great stress management tool, and also has been proven to boost mood, and lower anxiety. Exercise is a great tool for your recovery tool-box.
Benefits of exercise on mood
Using exercise in your recovery can help manage chronic symptoms as well as provide structure, and purpose to your day. It is also a great tool for socialization, and overall health.
Motivational tips


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