Tips for SucessPartnership
Creating a partnership with your provider, is part of self-determination, and taking a role in your recovery. When you take an active role this creates an open relationship where you can speak freely, and develop a trusting mutual relationship with your mental health provider.
Also, attend all your scheduled appointments to continue to have feedback, and ongoing assessment for symptom management. It is ideal when the doctor and the person living in recovery can truly communicate with each other. Having trust, and collaboration with the doctor gives the patient an opportunity to say what is on his, or her mind about medication, side effects, stressors, and recovery goals. Also, be involved in your treatment plan goals! You should be working towards them, and reviewing them with your provider at your appointments, the goals should drive your treatment progress.
Approach your appointments with providers proactively, before you attend the appointment with the provider, make a list of all the things you would like to talk discuss with your provider. Also consider bringing a support person with you, this additional collateral information is valuable to your recovery. A journal is a great way to keep track of symptoms, and good days, as well as bad days.
It’s very important to be comfortable asking the doctor questions, and have ongoing dialogue about your thoughts, and concerns. Medication compliance is a vital piece of recovery. There are numerous medications available depending on your symptoms, find the right one for you with effective communication, and make a commitment to take your medications as prescribed.


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