Support each other!

Peer Support

Peer Support

Another consideration in your recovery is supportive relationships. There are many types of supports; community, family support, and peer support. The type of support system you have is unique, and personal to you!
Check out your local community to identify drop in centers, and community based recovery groups. These types of community based resources will be a great venue to develop relationships with people who have a similar, or shared experience. A relationship based on shared experiences can have therapeutic qualities based on empathy, and understanding of the struggles of recovery, and living with chronic symptoms.
Peer Support
Depending on where you are at in your recovery, getting out of your home may be difficult, if this is the case, set some small goals to create some structure, and purpose to your week. Start off small with goals that are realistic to your recovery. Think about developing a hobby as a means to encourage socialization this could lead to development of supportive relationships.
Tips for Emotional Help


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